3 Reasons To Use An Outdoor Storage Facility

Posted on: 4 April 2016

It can often be a bit difficult to decide between the various indoor and outdoor storage facilities that are available, mostly because both types of facilities can each offer their own set of benefits. In most cases, indoor facilities consist of all of the storage units located within a single large building while outdoor facilities will have a number of smaller buildings located inside of a fenced-in or walled lot. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider renting from an outdoor storage facility.

Ease Of Access

The biggest advantage that outdoor facilities can offer is ease of access. In most cases, you will be able to access your storage unit 24 hours a day, provided that you have the necessary code or key to get past the security gate. In addition, an outdoor storage facility will allow you to drive your vehicle directly to the door of your rented unit, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the loading and unloading process when you are dropping off or picking up items from the unit.

Large Units

One major reason to consider an outdoor storage facility is the fact that it will often be able to accommodate very large items. In many cases, an outdoor storage facility will have larger units than indoor facilities, often large enough to hold an entire house's worth of property or a large RV. This is very useful if you want a secure place to keep a spare or recreational vehicle if your home does not have a garage.

High Level Of Security

Finally, an outdoor facility should be considered if you want your unit to bevery secure. Sure, there are outdoor facilities that do not provide a lot of security beyond the locks on the units themselves, but there are also a number of outdoor facilities that invest in a lot of security features.

For example, many outdoor facilities will invest in both 24-hour surveillance cameras and frequent security patrols to ensure that no one is trespassing or attempting to break into the units. In addition, many of these facilities will also install security gates that can only be entered after a client enters his or her unit number and unique code, which makes it even more difficult for unauthorized people to get to the storage units.

Visit your local outdoor storage facility today in order to discuss the various benefits that their units can provide. An outdoor facility can offer large and very secure storage units that are quite easy to access whenever you need to.