Storing a Little Smarter

How Self Storage Units Can Help You Promote Feng Shui In Your Home

Have you ever noticed how everything seems more confusing or hard to handle when you house is cluttered messy? You may have also noticed the same thing about your job and a cluttered work space. While you wonder if feng shui is some kind of mystical Chinese practice, you should know that it is based […]

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3 Reasons To Use An Outdoor Storage Facility

It can often be a bit difficult to decide between the various indoor and outdoor storage facilities that are available, mostly because both types of facilities can each offer their own set of benefits. In most cases, indoor facilities consist of all of the storage units located within a single large building while outdoor facilities […]

Tips For Storing Your Things In A Self Storage Unit

When you are putting your household belongings into storage, pack everything in the unit so that you will have easy access to things you may need. Also, be sure everything is in the storage unit securely so you won’t have to worry about anything getting squished, falling or otherwise breaking or getting damaged while it […]

Four Ways To Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Organized

Your self-storage unit is a convenient option for eliminating clutter from your home, but it can quickly grow into a messy space if not properly organized. Having a game plan for how your self-storage unit will be organized will keep your items neat and easy to find. Here are four tips for keeping your space […]

Four Moving Tips for Newlyweds

Getting married is an exciting time. You join last names, a life, and a home together. Many couples will move in with each other for the first time after their wedding. With the average age of couples getting married being 27 for women and 29 for men, many of these couples will have two homes […]

Don’t Let Clutter Decrease Your Workplace Productivity

Clutter can be a dangerous thing in an office environment. It doesn’t just look unprofessional and in excessive amounts, create a safety hazard, but it can also decrease productivity within the workplace. If you are a business owner who is plagued with this issue, make sure you know its effects and how to solve this […]

Three Unique Ways Self-Storage Facilities Can Help The Environment

As an environmentally responsible customer, your choice to patronize green businesses means you’ll need to be on the lookout for certain signs. General signs that a business is environmentally friendly include things like solar panels on the roof, recycling bins and compost receptacles by all the trash cans, and sustainable lighting. But businesses can also streamline their […]

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Beyond The Box: 4 Creative Uses For Storage Units

In the past, a storage facility was simply viewed as yet another place for a person to store their belongings. Shows, such as Storage Wars, have piqued the public’s interest regarding just what might be discovered behind locked doors. According to Mental Floss, there were more than 50,000 abandoned storage units in 2011 alone, and […]

Making Your Storage Unit a Gym

Sticking to a fitness routine is often difficult, particularly if you do not have space at home and don’t like working out at a gym. Some creative people have turned self-storage units into their own private gyms. Although you need to check with the management before you begin, many facilities have no problem with this […]

3 Features Every Survivalist Needs In A Storage Unit

Whether you consider yourself a doomsday prepper or a planning survivalist, having a cache of necessary supplies in a storage unit could be incredibly convenient in a disaster situation. Even though many survivalists build a stash of supplies in their home, you never know if something could happen that leaves you having to leave all […]