Tips For Storing Your Things In A Self Storage Unit

Posted on: 29 March 2016

When you are putting your household belongings into storage, pack everything in the unit so that you will have easy access to things you may need. Also, be sure everything is in the storage unit securely so you won't have to worry about anything getting squished, falling or otherwise breaking or getting damaged while it is being stored. This article will offer you some very useful tips on ways you can protect your things and pack the unit for easy access.

Pack room by room

You can do yourself a big favor by packing everything room by room. When you are done, mark all of the boxes from each room so you know exactly where they came from. For example, you can mark the boxes as "master bedroom closet" and "master bedroom tall dresser," and so on. Another great way to keep track of everything that's in the boxes so you can find anything you may need later on is to make a chart while you pack. To make a chart, you will list each item you place into a box on a paper and then label that box with a number on the paper and on the box itself.

Store appliances and large furnishings first

The first things you want to put into your storage unit are your appliances and large pieces of furniture that you know you aren't going to need access to until you are ready to move everything into your new place. If you have any large pieces of furniture that are hard to fit nicely into the storage unit, then you should consider taking it apart if possible. A kitchen table is a good example of an item you may be able to fit in the unit better when disassembled.

Pack aisles in the storage unit

If you pack the unit with boxes upon boxes, then if you do need something out of one of the boxes in the middle, or even the back, then you may need to unpack a good amount of the storage unit to gain access to the box you are looking for. You can save yourself a lot of problems by creating aisles in the unit as you are putting your things into it. While this may require you to pay for a bigger unit, it is very important if you feel you are going to need a good amount of your things before you move out of it.

The advice provided to you here should make it easier for you to put your things into a self-storage unit without worry and hassle.

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