Four Ways To Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Organized

Posted on: 29 February 2016

Your self-storage unit is a convenient option for eliminating clutter from your home, but it can quickly grow into a messy space if not properly organized. Having a game plan for how your self-storage unit will be organized will keep your items neat and easy to find. Here are four tips for keeping your space neat, tidy and easy to navigate.

Label Every Box And Container

Every box or container should be labeled, but you'll want to do more than just label each box to indicate whether they contain clothes, shoes or household goods. Write a list of every item stored within each box and tape it to the outside of the container. This will prevent you from having to open each and every box to find a specific item. Place the labels on the same area of each box to create a unified look, whether it be in the upper right-hand corner or the center. This will make the boxes look neat and organized. Be sure to arrange the boxes so the labels face out for easy reference.

Create Aisles

You don't want to fill the entire storage unit from front to back, as this will make it extremely difficult to find items when you need them. Instead, line the walls of the unit first, and then place additional items in one or two columns in the middle of the unit. This will create aisles that make it possible to walk throughout the storage unit.

Use Your Furniture

If you are storing furniture as well as boxes, don't forget that many pieces of furniture can also be used for storage. Dresser drawers can be used to store small items, and cabinets can hold shoeboxes or clothing. Tables make a great shelf for boxes. Think of different ways you can put your furniture to use in your storage space.

Make A Map

You can draw a map ahead of time to plan out your space. Be sure to leave room on your map so you can write in the general items stored in every section. If you want to be very detailed, you can create a numbering system for your boxes that can correspond with the map. This way, you can tell where every item is in your storage area, even when you are at home. Be sure to create a legend on the map that explains what is stored in the different boxes.

Keeping your storage space neat and organized makes it easier for you to find each of your items when you need them. Use these helpful tips to keep your self-storage space tidy. Contact a company like North Star Mini Storage for more information on storage units.