Beyond The Box: 4 Creative Uses For Storage Units

Posted on: 1 November 2015

In the past, a storage facility was simply viewed as yet another place for a person to store their belongings. Shows, such as Storage Wars, have piqued the public's interest regarding just what might be discovered behind locked doors. According to Mental Floss, there were more than 50,000 abandoned storage units in 2011 alone, and everything from the first Superman comic to James Bond's submarine car have been found by fortunate auction winners. While you can always stuff your unit to the brim with lawn equipment or some prestigious memorabilia, here are four more creative ways to utilize your space.

Debt Reduction

As housing costs and student loans begin to rise, more people are realizing the benefits of downsizing. According to the Storage Facilitator, one man took this to the extreme by storing all of his furniture and home goods in a unit while he lived out of his truck. Although this might be going too far for your situation, storage units can help you move to a smaller space without giving up your belongings while you work on reducing your debt.

Art Studio

Creative types know that finding a quiet space where they can immerse themselves in their craft can be impossible. However, many artists have discovered that self storage units have the perfect amount of space for their canvasses and supplies. Whether you choose to paint or just store your finished work until the next show, you can trust that your best work will be protected from the elements without taking up valuable living space at home.

Scavenger Hunt Surprise

Keeping a special surprise from a loved one is difficult when you live together. Many birthday surprises and proposals have been ruined by one accidental peek inside a drawer or closet. For this reason, self storage units are ideal places to hide surprises, especially when they are too big to wrap. To create an extra fun twist, create a scavenger hunt or treasure map that leads your recipient directly to the unit where the final task is to open the lock.

Personal Gym

Have you always wanted to have a personal gym, yet your home lacks the space for huge equipment? Then, simply get a unit and fill it up with a treadmill, weight set and punching bag. This way, you will no longer be stuck waiting for machines at the gym, and you can exercise in total privacy.

The potential uses for self storage units are wide open with possibilities. Of course, the right unit is always the ideal option for storing seasonal equipment or furniture during a big move. However, be prepared to think outside the box and consider a unit for any activity too big for the space in your home.

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