5 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Small Storage Unit Clutter Free in the Long Haul

Posted on: 28 July 2015

It is no big secret that using a storage unit to store away all of those items you do not have room for around the house is a good idea. However, if you keep a storage unit for a long time, it can easily get just as cluttered as your home, which can be a major bother. To keep the calamity under control for the long-term, there are five easy things you should do when you have a rented storage unit for more than just a few months. 

1. Use Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

You could stack your things in the storage unit in cardboard boxes, but the fact is, cardboard boxes definitely are not built to last forever and they will not withstand a great deal of weight. Make sure the storage containers you buy are see through, so you can keep tabs on what you have and not have to dig around too much when you go after something. 

2. Keep a Designated Pathway Clear

Instead of just dropping by the storage unit when you have something to put inside and throwing everything inside, keep a clear pathway that allows you easy access through the unit. This should, of course, be something you arrange in the beginning, but keeping it cleared will be something you have to work towards in the long run. 

3. Utilize Space from Floors to Ceilings

When you continually add things to your storage unit, it is easy for things to get tight when it comes to available space. Therefore, you should always work to use space all the way to the ceiling. If this means having to rearrange a little when you bring in bigger items, so be it. You will be glad to have the extra room when you are done. 

4. Hold an Annual Decluttering Event

The longer you have things in storage, the easier it will be to forget what you have inside, and the more likely it will be that you will have things in there that you no longer need. Each year, go through your storage unit and weed out things that you do not want to keep. You will see a lot less clutter over time and when or if you do decide to stop renting a unit. 

If you stay vigilant and organized with your storage efforts, you can easily keep clutter at bay in your storage unit. Talk to a storage company like Statewide Self Storage about more ideas to get the most from your storage space.