The Valuable Benefits Of Decluttering Your Home By Renting A Storage Unit

Posted on: 23 July 2015

Renting a unit at a self storage facility can be the first step you take in decluttering your home. If you've had trouble parting with your possessions -- even those that you use on a very seldom basis -- moving them to a storage unit can be a solution to help you organize a tidier home. By remotely storing the items that you don't use consistently, you can still enjoy access to them when needed but won't have them cluttering your home the rest of the time. The decluttering process has a number of important benefits for you and your home. Here are three to consider.

Stress Relief

It's stressful, even on a subtle level, to look around your home and see too many possessions piled high. A packed room can actually feel smaller, which can contribute to feelings of anxiety for some people. Additionally, being surrounded by so many items can generate a steady feeling that there's always a task you should be performing. By moving these extra items out of your home and into a storage unit, you can actually reduce your stress. Start with the areas that you frequently spend your time, such as your home office, bedroom and kitchen, and then move throughout your home.

Cost Savings

When your home is cluttered with too many extra possessions, it's easy to fall into a vicious cycle of not being able to find something and buying a replacement instead of searching for the original item. On a consistent basis, this approach can cost you a considerable amount of money -- and only serves to worsen the clutter as you begin to double and triple the things you already own. Decluttering your home and moving your seldom-used possessions to a storage unit will allow you to find what you're seeking with greater ease, and thus avoid overspending on redundant items. When you pack items for your storage locker, always make a master list so you'll know what you're storing off-site.

Cleaner Air

A cluttered home is difficult to clean to any great degree. As a result, it's easy for dust and other allergens, such as pet hair, to build up over time and contribute to poor air quality in your home. By shipping the excess items off to your storage unit, you'll be able to have access to more parts of each room with the vacuum and duster, which will equate to less dust and better air quality. 

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