3 Tips To Making The Most Of Online Sales Ventures

Posted on: 11 July 2016

Selling online through websites like eBay can bring in a nice chunk of change each month. Although this is not an easy way to earn money, it can be a lot of fun and it can increase your household income without getting a restrictive traditional job. Below, you will find a few tips that can help you improve the outcome of your online sales venture.

Stay Organized

Organizing your inventory must be a top priority. If you don't have a dry, clean, odor-free space in your home to store your inventory, consider leasing a storage unit nearby. Attempting to pile everything up in a corner or down in a damp basement will result in damaged items, unhappy customers and a very difficult packaging process.

Clean, photograph, box, measure and weigh your items and then label the outside of the boxes and packages at your home. Then, make a trip to your storage unit and file it all in an organized manner. Then, offer shipping days two or three times each week to limit the number of trips you have to take to the storage unit to retrieve packages to ship. Contact a business, such as Pearl Street Self Storage, for more information. 

List Smart

Your first thought may be to list large bundles of related items to move your inventory quickly. This could be a good idea if you have an extreme number of things to sell, but if you don't have a whole lot of inventory to work with, you will likely have better luck by breaking things up into smaller lots.

The more active listings and sales you have, the better ranking your listings will be given in the search engine. You need as many listing impressions each day so that more buyers see what you are offering.

PayPal Micropayments

To save you a little bit of money on the fees that PayPal charges, consider opening a second PayPal account for small sales. Any purchase that is under $10 will be paid into this account. Instead of the traditional 30 cents plus 2.74% that you pay on your everyday PayPal account, you will be charged 5% on the transaction. This may not seem like a great savings, but if you sell a lot of things for less than $10, it will save you quite a bit over the month. Think about it – if you sell something for $2.00, you would automatically lose 30 cents plus 2.74%, but the Micropayment account will only cost you 10 cents.

These three tips will go a long way in making the most of the time that you spend finding your inventory, listing and selling. Hopefully, your venture succeeds and you see the increase in income that you need and want.