How Self Storage Units Can Help You Promote Feng Shui In Your Home

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Have you ever noticed how everything seems more confusing or hard to handle when you house is cluttered messy? You may have also noticed the same thing about your job and a cluttered work space. While you wonder if feng shui is some kind of mystical Chinese practice, you should know that it is based on easy-to-follow, simple principles. Feng shui is based on how your environment impacts you. Follow these tips for learning how self storage units can help you promote positive feng shui in your house.

Aligning Your Physical Energy With the Energy In Your Home

Feng shui will help you free up space in your home for allowing the energy, chi, in it to flow freely, thus also allowing your energy to also flow more smoothly and without interruption. When your physical energy is flowing properly, you feel better and are able to focus better. In simple terms, arranging your home furnishings, right down to wall hangings, to promote positive energy flow will mean you getting rid of the clutter.

What You Can Do With The Clutter

If you have been collecting furnishings over the years, you may find that having too much of it can greatly interfere with the feng shui in your home. If you own furniture that is antique or has sentimental value, storing in a self-storage unit is a good idea if it is in your way at home. The point of feng shui is to clear out the clutter from your home that will also help to clear the clutter from your mind as well. When cleaning up clutter, be sure to look at it with feng shui in mind so you will not start thinking you cannot live without a particular item just because it hols special meaning. Remember it will still have that special meaning while it is safely stored.

Your Bedroom Craves Positive Feng Shui

When you start de-cluttering your home using feng shui principles, starting in the bedroom is a good idea. After all, this is the room you sleep in, and when the energy flow is blocked in your bedroom, it stands to reason you do not rest well while sleeping. Take everything out of your bedroom that does not belong in a bedroom. For example, if you have a television and your work desk in your bedroom, removing them is practicing healthy feng shui. Keeping items in your bedroom that are strictly for a bedroom is best for promoting feng shui in that room. The same is true about all the other rooms in your home. If you have your work space in the kitchen, move it into a spare room to be used only for work.

Renting a self-storage unit before you start cleaning out your home using feng shui is a good idea. In this way, you can have a place ready to store the property you no longer want interfering with the positive energy flow in your house. For more information, contact Gray Storage Solutions or a similar company.