Some Strategies For Storing Your Stuff Safely And Securely

Posted on: 21 July 2015

A self-storage facility or mini-storage unit is an excellent way to tuck away items that you don't need right now, but that you will want later on. The rates for these convenient spaces varies based on what you are looking for, the size, and what you plant to store there. Consider the following when planning on renting a unit to store your belongings, and utilize the suggested tips to ensure your items come out of storage in the same condition that they were when they went in:

Apparel and accessories

Storage units that are climate-controlled are best for packing away clothing, linens, or upholstered items. Look for mini-storage spaces, inside a facility, to prevent the dampness that can occur from individual units with porous concrete foundations. The water that seeps underground can permeate these units, causing apparel and belongings to become musty, damp, and even mildewed.

Collectibles and memorabilia

When packing up your collectibles, such as old records, books, and memorabilia, be sure that they are in plastic, water-resistant containers and that they are stored in a climate-controlled facility. Warm weather and heat can cause sweating inside a closed storage unit. If the unit isn't air conditioned, records can warp and paper items can curl.

Motors and engines

If you are planning to put a car, boat, or other item with an engine in a storage unit for a while, it is best to remove motors whenever possible. Since this may not be most practical for moving and subsequent transfer out of the unit, drain fluids, remove batteries, and, if feasible, put the item up on concrete blocks or lifts for optimal storage during long winters or hot summers.

Jewelry and other valuables

Never pack away or store things like jewelry, old coins, or other valuables without snapping a picture first. This extends to packing these items in a storage facility, too; if the item becomes damaged or turns up missing, these pictures can help get prompt compensation through insurance companies or other parties. Be sure that you understand the storage facility's responsibility and liability in the event of such incidents before you put your valuable items in these units.

Building materials

Building materials are another item that can be conveniently packed and stored, but be sure to invest in pallets or racks to place lumber or wood planking on. This ensures that wood isn't on the concrete floor, which could potentially allow for moisture to seep through and damage your valuable building materials.

Before you go ahead and pack your storage unit up with clothing, cars, or coins, make some efforts to ensure that these items will be safe and secure. Request climate-controlled units when available, and be sure to keep an itemized list of anything valuable before storing them, taking a quick photo of each item, if possible.